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Imagine that you and a friend are kayaking down a river together.

You are familiar with all of the routes on the river.

You know that all of the routes ultimately empty out at the deadly waterfall except for ONE.

As your kayak’s approach the place in the river where it is the last chance to change routes, do you tell your friend what you know?

Do you tell your friend to follow you and live OR do you keep quiet even though you know that the other routes will lead him to his death?

This is pretty much a rhetorical question, isn’t it?

A true friend would NEVER even consider staying quiet in place of speaking up and saving his friends LIFE, right?

Nor would a true friend say, “Well, I don’t want to be narrow minded.”

That would be ridiculous to say also, wouldn’t it?

What in the world is narrow minded about telling someone the truth that can then save his/her life?

This is exactly why I am reaching out to you as your friend.

There really is only ONE path for all of us that leads to LIFE.

His name is JESUS.

Jesus IS the Way, the Truth and the LIFE.  (John 14:6)


Below is a compilation of videos about the differences between Biblical Christianity and other beliefs/religions.